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Lesson 2

Lesson 2: Applying Lamination

The CWT Work Tools Application Table allows you to apply lamination to large format prints with little to no waste.

Lamination is a product that generally creates a high volume of waste. Between webbing a laminator or putting a piece of substrate through the nip improperly, costs can start to add up.
The CWT Work Tools Application Table can help with this issue. Laminate is not webbed; it simply sits on the Mobile Media Tray. This allows you to cut to size. It will also allow you to use smaller cut offs. The days of throwing expensive laminate away are numbered.

The amazing thing about the CWT Work Tools Application Table is print vinyl, laminate, and cut letters are all applied with the same techniques. In 15 minutes a sign-maker with no experience can manufacture signage with little to no error.

In the video you will see laminate cut to size and mounted.